Negotiate like a jerk

29 Oct

negotiate like a jerk

The Struggle Is Real Yo

27 Oct


The Rich Jerk – A Brilliant Lesson In Marketing

3 Oct


A brilliant marketing lesson in leveraging humor, celebrity and cartoons!

This is a bit R-rated. Fair warning 🙂

I suggest you dissect everything about this campaign including the product…

Let’s talk about The Rich Jerk. You’ve probably been seeing and hearing about his launch and all the buzz around it.

Notice something about his image?

He uses a cartoon for an icon, doesn’t he.

And he’s been using that one-finger salute-giving guy as his logo for longer than most of us have been in online marketing.

The second coming of The Rich Jerk is kind of like the new Star Wars, isn’t it? A new generation gets to experience the awesomeness for the first time…along with a more experienced crowd.

So back to the unasked question:

Why does The Rich Jerk use that toon caricature of himself—an already made-up persona—as his #1 marketing asset?!

And what can you learn as a big takeaway from it?

Here’s the biggest, most powerful reason. There are others, and we’ll get to them, but I want to give you the choicest taste immediately.

The toon allows him a degree of separation from reality and his audience.

Now why the heck would The Rich Jerk want SPACE??

Some deep marketing thinking here, so maybe you want to take notes.

Imagine a straight up photo of The Rich Jerk, snazzy suit on, sleeves rolled up 90s style, extending that proud, egotistical middle finger right into your face.

You, a real person. Him, a real person.

Feeling the aggression? Feeling the Full On level of offensiveness? Directed straight at you?


Not good marketing, is it.

It’s too challenging, too aggressive. We can agree on that, right.

So let’s consider a toon.

A cartoon is by nature farcical. It’s silly. Everyone knows it’s meant to be funny.

So immediately the message of the middle finger is softened.

You know it’s not specifically directed at you: it’s just a LOL FU to the world.

Feel the difference?

All that just from a toon.

See, it’s not about anonymity. The Rich Jerk already had that. It’s about using the right medium to communicate the desired message.

And if you want to have your audience see your world this way, then toons are the right tool for your marketing.

Vector Toons aren’t just amusing images—they’re your way in to a powerful new marketing relationship with your buyers.

OK, that’s enough; school’s out.

The Rich Jerk‘s complete package for teaching you effective online marketing is right here, and it’s a program I can get behind 100%.

So much so that when you buy, you’ll receive a $100 Vector Toons gift card from me.

The Rich Jerk has another secret reason why he uses the toon as his logo.

I’ll be sharing that secret with you tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


P.S. The Rich Jerk uses a cartoon as his logo because it creates a completely different and better marketing interaction with his audience than a regular photograph of the same scene would.

His new product definitely works, and if you’re looking for a well-rounded “How To” IM package, then check it out here.

Buyers get a $100 Vector Toons gift card direct from me, so you can get straight to work on branding yourself with infectious and secretly serious hilarity.

Your Rich Jerk Bonus


We have some great cartoons of Tom and Carol giving the middle finger if you want your own “jerky” marketing images 🙂

This is what 11,211 vectors look like

14 Sep

Our collection of Vector Toons is growing fast. We now have 11,211 individual vectors in our catalog. So for fun I made a collage containing all of them. This is the small preview. Click here to download the full 20MB 1280×9000 png file.

11,211 vectors

I’ll give you $20 to try Five Dollar Posts by Ron Douglas

3 Sep

Last week I tested a Facebook ads course by my friend Ron Douglas.

I’m going to give you $20 in store credit for buying it. That’s how much I believe this will help you.

Normally these things are dry and boring but within 10 minutes I was pausing the videos so I could get started. My results were awesome and continue to be.

I posted a simple link to our free content on the Vector Toons Facebook page and boosted it for $5


Then I applied Ron’s targeting techniques to find more people who might like VectorToons.

Now, I’ve tried targeting before. But this was WAY different!

In fact you may have been targeted by one of my Facebook ads. I created dozens of ads and continue to create more.

Here’s my results for the last week…

Spent on Facebook Ads: $249.66
New customers: 179
New sales: $440.34
Profit: $190.68

Now I am scaling this up and improving my targeting. 🙂

So go check it out for yourself and get a $20 gift card from me after checkout.

Click here to try Five Dollar Posts yourself and get $20!



Recently Facebook announced a major change with their ad platform
that will help YOU build a huge list fast…

According to Facebook:

“We’re updating CPC to only account for what we call ‘link clicks’
— i.e., the clicks related to certain ad objectives such as clicks
to visit another website. Once this change goes into effect,
advertisers who care about link clicks are likely to see better
return on advertising spend, since they’ll be paying for only the
most valuable outcome. Separating link clicks from engagement
clicks (including likes and comments) means your budget will be
spent more efficiently no matter if you bid for clicks or

That means your cost per click (CPC) will now be more affordable,
so if you’re not generating as many leads as possible from Facebook
while this trend is still hot, you’re missing a huge opportunity!

My good friend Ron Douglas has cracked the code on tapping into
Facebook’s 1.44 billion monthly active users to build his list.

While other marketers have focused on selling tshirts on Facebook,
Ron has been quietly generating over 500 leads per day with little
$5 ads that are laser targeted to specific interests. He calls
this system “Five Dollar Posts” and it’s been getting him clicks
for as low as $0.02 cents.

Ron has recently sold his “Five Dollar Posts” live coaching from
the stage for $997 and it’s currently closed and not yet available
to the general public. But Ron is sharing his complete how-to
method for a limited time for just $17. Grab it now and learn the
proper way to build your list on Facebook without losing your
shirt or getting your account banned:



If you don’t know Ron, he’s the New York Times Best Selling Author
who used his Internet Marketing skills to build a huge audience of
over 250k subscribers online in evergreen niches such as cooking.
His large following led to appearances on Good Morning America, Fox
and Friends, NBC News, Home Shopping Network and also a million
dollar book deal with Simon & Schuster with over 1.4 million books

This guy is the real deal and one of the few marketers with real
mainstream success. Anything you can learn from him about list
building, I suggest jump at the chance to do so.


Click here to try Five Dollar Posts yourself and get $20!

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